How to Make Chinese Suzhou Embroidery - Net Stitch

There are 18 different stitches in Suzhou embroidery. Below is the introduction of the fifteenth stitch, net stitch

18 - 15 Net Stitch

The net stitch is an embroidery technique that uses three different lines-vertical, horizontal and diagonal-to intersect each other and form various openwork patterns on the embroidered piece. Many designs can be embroidered with this stitch. For example, when a simple triangle is embroidered, first use the horizontal and diagonal lines to form the framework of a triangle (fig. a), and then make a short stitch at each intersecting point to avoid the loosening of the long thread. Finally, make the first stitch, with the needle rising at one angle and falling at any of the other angles, and then make a stitch center point of the triangle, pass it through the line of the previous stitch and insert the needle a the opposite angle(fig. b), creating the desired patterns within the triangle (fig. c). All triangles are embroidered like this, and countless triangle patterns constitute a beautiful design on the embroidered face.

net stitch

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