How to Make Chinese Suzhou Embroidery - Crisscross Stitch

There are 18 different stitches in Suzhou embroidery. Below is the introduction of the eighteenth stitch, crisscross stitch

18 - 18 Crisscross Stitch

Crisscross stitch is a new embroidery technique created by Suzhou embroidery artists. In this type of needlework, the stitches and colors are used as freely and flexibly as the artist wishes. Therefore there is more room for creativity. The artist mixes different colored layer of the silk threads or uses threads of mixed colors, working layer by layer to emphasize the colors of the embroidered face. The crisscrossed lines can produce an intriguing image on the embroidery piece. Crisscross stitch embroidery is famous for its flowing lines and rich colors. Many of the patterns of crisscross embroideries are based on oil painting, photos and sketches.

crisscross stitch

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