How to Make Chinese Suzhou Embroidery - Braiding Stitch

There are 18 different stitches in Suzhou embroidery. Below is the introduction of the eighth stitch, braiding stitch,

18 - 8 Braiding Stitch

The braiding stitch is also called the lock stitch. It is the earliest stitch used in embroidery, developed more than 3,000 years ago. It is easy for the beginners to learn. It is necessary that the stitches be even. The designs embroidered with this stitch are durable; daily use items are frequently decorated with this stitch.

The braiding stitch embroidery is made as follows: the first stitch is started from the edge of the pattern, with the needle falling near the base of the stitch. When the needle is falling, the thread is made into a circle (fig a). The second stitch is made at the center of the circle (fig. b), and the first circle is immediately pulled tight (fig. c). The remainder of the stitches is made according to this pattern. In the completed work, the rising and falling stitches must be made in the same direction, and the lines should be bold.

braiding stitch

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