Silk Embridery Landscape Painting 'Jiuzhaigou Valley'

Jiuzhaigou Valley, (literally means Nine Village Valley) is a nature reserve in China located in northern Sichuan Province. Jiuzhaigou Valley, a charming picturesque place, is where the great nature illustrates its primitive gracefulness and vigorous life.

The best renowned characteristics of Jiuzhaigou Valley are the large number of lakes. furthermore The large and stunning waterfalls there are also very famous.

In Jiuzhaigou, the ice and snowfallfall start to melt, and water and stream start to flow and hill blossoms blossom in spring. The scenery view in Jiuzhaigou is really refreshing and touching in Spring. In summer, green trees can be seen everywhere in Jiuzhaigou Valley. The time after summer is the most splendid one of the year in Jiuzhaigou Valley when leaves of different colors and woods are reflected in the water and the dropped leaves are floating on the shinning lake. The sky in Jiuzhaigou is vast, clear and azure. It is the most beautiful view created by nature. As winter arrives, Jiuzhaigou Valley gets quiet. The plantations on the mountains are enclosed by snow, and the waterfall and lakes are crystal clear and jade-like.

Jiuzhaigou is masterpiece created by nature.

Among all landscape silk embroideries, there are many embroidery paintings that are reproduced from photos taken in Jiuzhaigou Valley. When reproduced into silk embroideries with fine silk threads of numerous colors, the scenery in Jiuzhaigou Valley looks simply as stunning and amazing as photographs.

jiuzhaigou embroidery painting

closeup photo

Closeup photo of the embroidery painting

jiuzhaigou embroidery

Closeup photo of the embroidery

jiuzhaigou creek embroidery

Jiuzhaigou creek, hand embroidered with silk threads on silk

Jiuzhaigou lake silk embroidery

Jiuzhaigou waterfall and lake, silk hand embroidery

jiuzhaigou waterfall

Jiuzhaigou waterfall embroidery

Jiuzhaigou autumn

Colorful autumn in Jiuzhaigou Valley

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