Embroidery Artists Worked in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute

Established in 1957, Suzhou Embroidery Institute is located at Huanxiu Villa on Jinde Road in Suzhou. It gathers the highest quality silk embroideries in the world, many hand embroidered by embroidery masters like Ren Huixian, Zhu Feng and etc. It has cultivated many masters of embroidery and innovated more than 200 kinds of embroidery techniques.

Embroidery Artist Zhou Xunxian

Zhou Xunxian1913-1998), industrial artist of the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute. Like Ren Huixian she graduated from the Zhengze Art School in Danyang, founded byu the famous painter Lv Fengzi. She is skilled at crisscross stitch embroidery.

Embroidery Artist Li Eying

Li E’ying (1926-), a Chinese industral artist who was delputy chief engineer in the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute. Li has researched embroidery stitchwork and has had conspicuous success in carrying forword the traditional skill. Her representative works include Samantabhadra Buddha, Peonies and Washing Horses. She has toured Janan, Australia and other countries to share experiences with artists of those countries. She also eompiled the book, Suzhou Embroidery Skill and Techniques.

Embroidery Artist Gu Wenxia

Gu Wenxia( 1931-), Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the China Arts and Crafts Society, was once thief engineer of the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute. She made outstanding contributions to the traditional art of Suzhou embroidery. She is renowned for her double-sided embroideries of the kittens and orchids. She has vbisited Britain, Switzerland and Albania on lecture and demonstration tours.

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Embroidery Artist Xu Shaoqing

Xu Shaoqing (1919-1996), a Chinese industrial artist who was deputy chief engineer in the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute. He is good at painting landscapes and flowers and birds with fine brushwork and close attention to detail. He did the painting designs for many embroidery masterpieces. He has been painting copying samples for embroiderers for more than thirty years. Typical of his lively and powerful style are works such as White Peacock, Thrushes on a Flowering Crabappple Tree and Bamboo. He supervised the compilation of the book, Patterns of Suzhou Embroidery.

Embroidery Artist Zhu Feng

Zhu Feng( 1910-1993), Art Director at the Suzhou Embroidery Factory, has a number of new stitchwork skills to her credit and initiated the santao ( free overlap) stitch. Her masterpieces include the double-sided embroidery Peonies and the color-knot embroidery Beihai Park. Her work Donors of Dunhuang Murals won acclaim at the 1957 National Conference of Handicraft Artists and is now in the possession of the University of Houston in Texas. Her book, A Study of Chinese Embroidery Techniques, was published in 1957.


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