How to Make Chinese Suzhou Embroidery - Back Stitch

There are eighteen basic stitches in Suzhou embroidery. Below is the introduction of the second stitch, back stitch.

18 - 2 Back stitch (catch stitch)

Back stitch, also called catch stitch, is a traditional stitch technique used in Suzhou embroidery. It uses the plain stitch to connect layers of stitches, with each stitch perforating, the previous stitch. The edges of each layer are even, the stitches are neat, and the color gradation is clear. Embroidery made with this stitch is decorative. There are two forms of the back stitch: the face stitch and the reverse stitch.

Face stitch: This is made by using plain stitches in layers, from outside to inside. The order is to use plain stitch to make the edge of the pattern, and the length of the lines depends on the size of the pattern, usually 0.3-0.5cm (fig. a). the back stitch is used to start to the second layer, with the stitches connected to the ends of the first layer’s stitches( fig. b). The end of the layer is clear and even, the color gradation grows from lightly colored to rich or fades from rich to light (fig. c).

back stitch

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