Suzhou Silk Embroidery Painting of Lady of Guoguo on a Spring Outing

Many of our silk embroideries were reproduced from famous western oil paintings. Customers buy this kind of silk embroideries to decorate their housed in the western style. But for most of our domestic customers, they prefer to have a silk embroidery work reproduced from a well known traditional Chinese painting. The embroidery work 'Painting of Lady of Guoguo on a Spring Outing' is one of our most often made embroideries that is reproduced from a traditional painting that has a very long history.

This painting is a portrait of Lady of Guo, the youngest of the three elder sisters of Yang Yuhuan (the favorite concubine of the Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty), in splendid attire going sightseeing in the spring with her family in 752, the 11th year of Tianbao (742-756) reign. In the painting, there are nine people riding horses. The three riders in the front and three riders bringing up the rear are attendants, maids and a nanny. In the middle, the two riders are Lady of Qin and the Lady of Guo. Four of the figures (including the young girl) are wearing ruqun dresses and brocade scarfs, while the other five figures are wearing gentleman’s round-collar robes. The Lady of Guo, on the left center of the painting, is wearing a light greenish-blue narrow sleeved upper garment, with a brocade scarf around her shoulders and a red skirt decorated with painted golden flowers. From beneath her skirt, the gorgeous red color of the decoration on top of her embroidered shoes can be seen. The Lady of Qin is located on the right upper section of the painting, turning sidewise to talk with the Lady of Guo.

In the painting, the inner reflections and expressions of the people are accentuated by the fine lined drawing and color layout. Its rich colors do not take away from its refined beauty and its detailed work does not lessen its vividness. The composition of the picture has a natural density. The suggested movement of the people and horses is comfortable and relaxed, fitting the theme of a spring outing. The people in the painting, though finely outlined, are full figured. At the same time, they have an attractive strength and charm. The colors, elegant and rich, are painted with a vivid and lucid style. The picture is alive with ease, grace, self-confidence and optimism typical of the flourishing Tang Dynasty (618-907).

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