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   Suzhou, one of the most famous tourist cities in China, is a beautiful and romantic water town, a heaven on Earth since ancient time. The mere name of Suzhou brings many beautiful images to people's mind: wonderful gardens, beautiful ladies, soft Suzhou accent, delicate embroidery art, amazing silk double sided embroidery and delicious Suzhou food. 

   We, Su Embroidery Studio, are based in Suzhou, China. We make and sell high quality Chinese silk embroideries, including silk paintings 100% hand embroidered and other quality hand embroidered silk items at very competitive prices, 40%+ lower than the market price you can find in Shanghai and Beijing. We make the silk embroideries ourselves and are selling them to final customers directly. We not only supply pieces of embroidery artwork from our own design, we also create patterns and designs upon your request in any size. All of our silk hand embroidery works are handmade by master embroidery artists in Suzhou. 

   Truly, you can probably find and buy hand embroidery artworks anywhere, but you can hardly find any silk embroidery artwork comparable to Su embroidery in terms of quality. Su embroidery is well-known for its neat stitches, elegant colors and fine quality. The methods applied in producing embroidery artworks include crisscrossing, mixing, netting, scattering and many unique secret methods. 

   We can not guarantee that we are selling the cheapest silk embroideries on the Internet, but given the same quality of silk embroideries, our retail price is definitely the most competitive. 

   A huge number of Su embroidery products are available on our website. They are only a few clicks away from you. Follow several simple but reliable steps, you will get your desired embroidery items of art in a very short time. Besides, we are ready to create the embroidery piece according to your requirements anytime. Send us your requirement and the image, our order-to-make service will settle everything for you.

   Bring you the best quality Chinese silk embroideries and pursuing your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Please enjoy shopping on our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about silk embroideries. 

stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
stitches of Su silk hand embroidery
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