Silk Embroidery Bronze Rhino Wine Vessel

Both archaeological evidence and references in ancient Chinese literature show the existences of rhinoceroses in ancient China. In Shang and Han Dynasties, Chinese people made many rhino-shaped wine vessels. The silk embroidery below is based on a bronze rhinoceros unearthed in 1936 in Shanxi, China. It is a National treasure and is now kept in the National Museum of China. The bronze rhinoceros was used as a vessel to contain rice wine. On its back,, there is a cap which can be opened to fill in rice wine. Embroidering solid sculptures requires a different kind of embroidery skill than the other art forms. Traditional plain stitches were used to create the base. As eyes move upwards to the upper layers, short and deft stitches were made to add more layers of colors to simulate the rust on the bronze. 

silk embroidery bronze rhino

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