Suzhou Embroidery (Su Embroidery) Gains Bank Financial Support

With the development of industrialization, less and less people take traditional handicrafts as their professional work. The result is that many unique cultural traditions are now facing extinction. In Suzhou China, a city renowned for silk and silk handicrafts, silk embroidery with a history of more than 2,000 years is facing a challenge that it has never encountered before. The local factories and companies engaged in silk embroidery need more funds to train and hire more embroidery ladies and expand their market. Fortunately, ICBC, one of China’s biggest banks and other banks lend money to help the traditional cultural sectors.

Yao Jianping, one of the most well-known embroidery artists in Suzhou, has an aim to make her silk embroidery paintings a brand. She plans to build a system for embroidery designs, embroidery production and embroidery marketing. She said Suzhou embroidery (Su embroidery) is a very time-consuming ancient silk art form. A high quality silk embroidery takes years to complete. Also because it requires at least 3 years to master the basic Su embroidery skills and get skilled at them, young ladies are not willing to learn this traditional handicraft because it is too slow to make money. As a silk embroidery master, Yao Jianping has her aim to make her silk embroideries a high end artwork brand accepted by people. She needs financial support from banks.
ICBC issued Yao Jianping loans 3.7 million US dollars and there could be more in the future. These loans were issued based on her good reputation and personal credibility. The ICBC Suzhou said they want to support Suzhou silk embroidery (Su embroidery) as a cultural enterprise.
While banks are beginning to see the value of traditional silk embroidery art, Suzhou’s government is also working to open up more financial sources for the small and medium sized silk embroidery factories. With the strong financial support, Suzhou embroidery (Su embroidery) an ancient silk art will get prosperous again.
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