Chinese silk hand embroidery art from Suzhou

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silk hand embroidered picture of peacock 

   People like peacocks because of their richly colored tail feathers. Because of their gorgeous appearance, peacocks have long been famous outside of their native countries of Southern Asia and Malaysia, and was kept for centuries by people first in China and then in Europe and America. In China, the peacock is the totem worshiped by the Dai people. The Dai people created Peacock Dance by imitating the peacock. Peacock feathers are popularly used in unique crafts and decorations. In Suzhou embroidery works, we can see peacock pictures very often. The embroidery artists in Suzhou like making silk peacock embroideries. As some embroidery artists put it, peacocks are a work of art by God. It's more than a work to embroider a peacock on silk satin, but a really happy time that many embroidery artists enjoy. 

   For more peacock silk embroideries, please click here.

suzhou silk hand embroidery sea waves

silk embroidery 'Peacock'

feather of peacock, silk embroidery
Close up of silk embroidery 'Peacock'
   Below are two more peacock embroideries we make. They are entirely hand embroidered with silk threads by master embroidery artists in Suzhou. Please feel free to contact us for their sizes and prices if you are interested in learning more. More designs are available upon your request.

silk embroidery 'peacock

 Suzhou silk embroidery art 'Peacocks on Stone'

suzhou embroidery 'peacock'

 Suzhou silk embroidery art 'Peacocks and Peonies'

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