Why Prices of Chinese Silk Embroideries Vary So Much

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Prices of Chinese embroidery online can range from several US dollars to several thousand US dollars. The prices of Chinese silk embroideries vary mainly to two factors, how is the embroidery made and what quality is the embroidery.

I.                    How is the embroidery made?
There are two types of embroideries that customers can find on line, hand embroidered embroideries and machine made embroideries. Strictly speaking, machine embroideries are not real silk embroideries but unfortunately there are many sellers online selling the machine embroideries as handmade silk embroideries. Machine embroideries are much cheaper than hand embroideries because the cost to make the embroideries by machine is very low. To make a good machine that looks very close to hand embroidery, the machine embroidery manufacturers need a hand embroidery as a base for the machine embroidery. They scan the hand embroidery into a computer. The embroidery software analyzes the stitches of the hand embroidery. It records the position, color and length of each stitch in the hand embroidery. All the information about the hand embroidery is collected by the software and then it directs the embroidery machine to make the embroidery that has the same stitches as the hand embroidery. Obviously, the main part of cost to produce the machine embroidery is the embroidery machine, a hand embroidery as the base and several day’s work to analyze the stitches of the original hand embroidery. After the machine manufactures have finished analyzing the hand embroidery and got the embroidery program, it is very easy to mass produce the machine embroideries at a very low cost. Unlike machine embroideries, hand embroideries can not be mass produced. Each hand embroidery work is made by hand, taking several days to several months, even several years for a large and complicated embroidery. So it does not make any sense to compare the prices of machine embroideries to the prices of hand embroideries. Machine embroideries are cheap, but all the machine embroideries look the same, while each hand embroidery is different and unique. Also the quality of machine embroidery is much lower than hand embroidery, even though the techniques of embroidery machines have been improved a lot over the last several years. Machine embroidery uses much fatter threads, NOT REAL SILK THREADS BUT SYTHENTIC THREADS. The surface of the machine embroidery is coarse.
II.                 What quality is the silk embroidery?
If the embroidery is a real silk hand embroidery, its price is then decided by its quality. The quality of a real silk hand embroidery basically depends on three factors,
1, Size of silk threads used in the hand embroidery. Higher quality silk embroidery uses thinner silk threads. Thinner silk threads can be used to embroider more minute details in the embroidery work and make the embroidery work smoother and more harmoniously mixed.
2, Length of embroidery stitches. A low quality silk embroidery is usually made with very long stitches. Long stitches can save the embroidery workers time to complete the embroidery, but embroidery done with long stitches is not dense enough. A good quality silk embroidery uses many different stitches and is done layer after layer of embroidery work.
3, Colors of silk threads used in the embroidery work. A high quality silk embroidery usually uses hundred of different colors silk threads. More colors of silk threads will guarantee the gradual change of colors in the embroidery work look natural and smooth.
In Su Embroidery Studio, silk hand embroideries are classified into three groups, Low Quality, Fine Quality and Top Quality. For more details, please read the article Quality Introduction to Su Embroidery.
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