Suzhou Embroidery – A Combination of Oriental and Western Cultures

Suzhou lotus flower embroidery

With the development of cultural and economic exchanges and the rise of tourism between China and other countries, Suzhou embroidery seeks new themes and forms that blend the oriental and Western cultures. The Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute, as a major force in the development of the art of embroidery, has created new artistic language and explored new forms of expression.

In cooperation with famous painters and photographers at home and abroad, embroidery artists in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute used the plain stitching embroidery and crisscross stitch embroidery to create a number of new embroidery works. Especially notable are the crisscross stitch created by Yang Shouyu and the false and true crisscross stitch evolved by Ren Huixian. Both stitches were inspired by techniques used I oil painting, sketching, Chinese traditional painting skills and photography, and developed as a result of new base materials and colored threads. As a result, the level of creativity ini Suzhou embroidery has flourished.
Most of the representative embroidery works used paintings and photos as their original samples, including the Double Swallows, Forgotten Snow, and Pomegranate by contemporary painting Wu Guangzhong, the Lotus Pond and Spring Morning in Gold and Green by Yuan Yunfu, the Cedar, Steam Pond, Red Leaves in Wilderness by U.S. photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum. They are excellent examples of the combination of traditional Suzhou embroidery with Chinese and foreign fine arts.
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