Classifications of Suzhou Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery falls into different categories: ordinary embroidery pieces, including quilt covers, door curtains, nightgowns and more; stage costumes, such as imperial robes and mandarin jackets; and embroidery wall hangings and embroidery screens, including table screens and floor screens.

Now most of silk embroideries made in Suzhou are wall hangings for wall decoration or embroidery screens for home decoration. Embroidery wall hangings or silk embroidery paintings are mainly single-sided, while the silk embroidery screens are double-sided.
In terms of materials, Suzhou embroideries are divided into two categories: gold and silk. The gold embroidery refers to the embroidery work embroidered with silk threads covered with gold foil, and the silk embroideries are those hand embroidered with silk threads without gold foil.
suzhou embroidery quilt cover
Quilt cover, the pictures hand embroidered with silk threads
stage cosume suzhouembroidery
Stage costume
suzhou embroidery painting
Silk embroidery painting for wall decoration
table screen embroidery
Silk embroidery table screen
silk embroidery floor screen
Silk embroidery floor screen
floor screen embroidery panel
Silk embroidery floor screen, six panels
suzhou embroidery
An embroidery work made with silk threads and gold threads, the two dragons hand embroidered with gold threads, other embroidery work with silk threads
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