Production of Shu Embroidery

shu embroidery panda

Shu embroidery is used for both artistic pieces and for objects which may be used every day. Its products include pillowcases, embroidered slippers, mirror curtain, lace, wedding dress, scroll, hats and shoes, skirts, quilt facing, etc. Quilts, sheets, slippers, or clothes may be embroidered in the Shu style, lending color and beauty to the wearer. Equally enjoyable are art pieces produced in the Shu style. These may include wall hangings, screens for separating rooms, or curtains. The rich color and vibrant images found in Shu embroidery are meant to remind the viewer (or weaver) of the joy which can be found in any living thing; it is perhaps because of this joy that Shu embroidery remains popular to this day. The Shu embroidery is still produced in China today and has been widely exported to countries all over the world. 

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