Introduction to Gu Embroidery in Shanghai

The development of Suzhou embroidery in the Ming Dynasty was somewhat related to the rise of the Gu embroidery in Luxiangyuan in Shanghai in the late years of the dynasty. The founder of Gu embroidery was Madame Miao, the eldest daughter-in-law of Gu Mingshi, a successful candidate in the highest imperial civil service examination, the in the 38th year of the Jiajing Reign (1556). The most famous person of the Gu embroidery was Han Ximeng, the wife of her grandson, who integrated painting with embroidery, thus enriching the connotation of the art. Its fame was raised after a famous painter Dong Qilue and famous calligrapher Chen Zilong wrote comments on a scroll for the Gu family, which helped to establish the place of the Gu embroidery. Gu Lanyu, great-grand-daughter of Gu Mingshi, set up a tent to teach apprentices for 30 years, thus spreading the skills of the Gu family’s embroidery near and far.

Gu embroidery

Gu embroidery

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