Suzhou Embroidery – Graceful and Elegant Silk Embroidery

suzhou embroidery

The works of Suzhou embroidery resonate with distinct themes, well-constructed composition, vivid images, thoughtful design concept, graceful technique and overall elegance. When rich colors are used, they are bright but not garish, and when light colors are used, they re elegant but not pale.

Suzhou embroidery has a rich variety of stitches, including the plain stitch, ornamental stitch and crisscross stitch. The embroidery artists are good at using different stitches for different themes, and using different skills for different scenes. Each stitch has its own characteristics and each effect has individual charm. For example, a kitten embroidered with the shi stitch has soft hair of silk and vivid, lifelike eyes. The flowers embroidered with the free overlap stitch look lifelike. The goldfish embroidered with the false and real stitches look graceful. The portraits embroidered with crisscross stitches look lifelike. The wild ducks in reeds embroidered with the knotted stitches look serene and elegant.
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