Suzhou Crisscross Embroidery in 1980s

The crisscross embroidery which is unique in China was invented in the 1930s by Yang Shouyu (1896 – 1981) in Dan Yang of Jiangsu Province. With different stitches crisscrossed and various colors embroidered on all layers, the picture stands out vivid and expressive amidst the irregular stitches, rending people a sense of mystery.

The crisscross embroidery in Suzhou has inherited and developed the techniques of the indefinite crisscross embroidery and the double-sided crisscross embroidery (with the same subject on either side as well as the different subjects on two sides). It has added to the credit of the celebrated Suzhou embroidery.
The following Suzhou crisscross embroideries were made in 1980s by the embroidery artists in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute.
suzhou crisscross embroidery
suzhou embroidery art
chinese thread art
silk thread painting
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