Chinese Suzhou Embroidery in Qing Dynasty

suzhou embroidery in qing dynasty

There were many schools and masters of decorative Suzhou embroidery in the Qing Dynasty. The original pieces mostly used a composition similar to that found in painting; some had inscriptions and names done with superb needlework and harmonious colors. The embroidery was further development of the fine tradition of the Song and Ming Dynasties. Most of this embroidery was done by young women in the boudoirs of the eminent families. Such pieces were usually called boudoir embroidery and were used as decorative touches in bedrooms and studies.

Another kind of decorative embroidery made during the Qing Dynasty was considered a commodity. The original samples were done by folk painters. Their symmetrical composition gave a feeling of primitive simplicity. Such items were produced in the embroidery workshops, and most of them were used as gifts by high officials and merchants. Representative works are the Chinese Wisteria and Narcissus kept in the Nanjing Museum, the Deer and Crane in the Same Spring kept in the Shanghai Museum, and the Excellence in Jasper Lake kept in the Suzhou Embroidery Art Museum.
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