Why Can Suzhou Produce High Quality Silk

suzhou silk

Suzhou is praised as a city of silk. It has produced high quality silk since a very old time. Suzhou is near Taihu Lake. Because of the advantages of its geographical position, climate and water quality, mulberry trees grow very well there. With a hot, humid climate and many rivers, the area is good for growing mulberry trees and breeding silkworms. It has become a custom in the Suzhou area for all failies to breed silkworms and grow mulberry trees. People here refer to the silkworms as 'darling silworm'. They are quite protective of silkworms and cared for them 'like children'. There is a popular saying 'silkworms in Suzhou produce silver-white silk’. The cocoon silk is lustrous and lovely, and high-quality.

People in the Suzhou area adopted the hot reeling method when reeling silk. They put the cocoons in a large cauldron and soaked them. In order to produce high quality silk, they used very clean and pure water.
Suzhou silk has been praised as ‘fragrance hill silk’ which ranks first in quality in the world. It has frequently won grand prizes at international and domestic fairs.
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