Guan Gong Silk Embroidery Portrait

Guan Yu, also known as Guan Gong, Kwan Gung, or Guan Yun Chang to many other people, was a historic figure who lived in the Three Kingdoms period in the history of China, (CE 220-CE 280). The word "Gong" means lord, an honorary title given to Guan Yu for his deeds, while "Guan" is the surname. Thus Guan Gong means "Lord Guan" - a name he acquired through his deeds in his life. His genuine name was Guan Yu. As a brave general in ancient China, Guan Yu was well renowned for this integrity, and bravery. As an individual, he was highly regarded for his loyalty and righteousness.

Guan Yu's look is very easy to recognize. His red complexion and long black beard stand out directly, as does his unique weapon for fighting - a large and heavy blade with a long handle - that is always on his side. In alomost every portrait painting of Guan Yu, he is holding his unique weapon, the large and heavy blade known as Guan Dao. To master this weapon well, it needs great strength and high skills. In many historical stories, tt is said that his weapon weighed about 20 lbs.

The Guang Gong portrait below is 100% hand embroidered with silk threads on silk by embroidery artists in Su Embroidery Studio,

silk embroidery Gwan Kung portrait

Top Quality Guang Gong embroidery portrait

guan yu portrait

Guan Yu's distinctive appearance, red complexion and long beard

guan yu

Guan Yu's horse, Red Hare Horse

guan gong suzhou embroidery

Details of the embroidery work

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