Silk Embroidery Paintings Embroidered by Yang Shouyu

Yang Shouyu, contemporary Chinese embroidery artist and founder of random stitch embroidery. The random stitch embroidery is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese embroidery and Western oil paintings. Random stitch embroidery uses vertical-diagonal and horizontal-diagonal lines of differeing lengths to create pictures layer by layer. It is just like the way sketches are done in Western paintings. Works of embroidery are produced from a seemingly mess of lines. Many of the patterns of random stitch embroideries are based on oil paintngs, photos and sketches. It is a new and unique embroidery style that is different from traditional embroidery that uses neat, even and tight stitches.

Yang Shouyu (right first) and her student Ren Huixian (middle) in 1938

Yang Shouyu embroidery painting

The Beauty and Human Skeleton, embroidered by Yang Shouyu

Young Girl silk embroidery

Young Girl, embroidered by Yang Shouyu, embroidery size 35 x 50 cm

Lida embroidery

Lida, early embroidery wrok by Yang Shouyu, embroidery size 90 x 130 cm

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