Ballet Dancers Chinese Silk Embroidery Paintings

Many people enjoy watching ballet performance because it is a very graceful and elegant style of dancing. Studies show that ballet originated in Italy. It is said that the early dancers of ballet wanted to imitate the sword-fighting style of fencing. With its spread to France, ballet absorbed some other forms of art and became more and more complicated. Eventually it became one of the most loved dancing forms there. Now ballet is studied and practiced all over the world. Watching ballet performance is a culture rich experience.

Body movements are the soul to ballet dancing. By applying different body movements, ballet dancers explain what their understanding of the music is. Also by using distinct body movements, they convey the meaning of their dancing. Thought there are no strict rules as what the standard dance disciplines are, there are some common features to all great ballet dancers. To succeed in ballet dancing, the dancers are required to have a very strong sense of rhythm and physical grace. Maintaining good wellbeing is essential because ballet dancing demands great physical energy. To be a successful ballet dancer, it also requires dedication and devotion as long-time practice must be done daily to master the basic dance actions. 

Ballerina is a common subject in portrait oil paintings. The celebrated Chinese oil painting artist Guan Zeju is most well-known for his ballet dancer oil paintings. Some of the silk embroideries below are reproduced from his ballerina oil paintings, embroidered by hands with silk threads.

ballet dancer chinese embroidery

Ballet dancer in exercise, all hand embroidery work on silk

suzhou embroidery ballet girl

Ballet girl putting her shoes on, hand embroidered with silk threads on silk

two ballet dancers embroidery

Two ballet dancers, Chinese hand embroidery painting

hand embroidered ballet dancer painting

Ballet dancer resting, silk embroidery painting, all handmade

two ballet dancers

Two ballerinas, silk embroidery painting, hand embroidered with silk threads

dancing girl embroidery painting

Dancing girl, all hand embroidered with silk threads on silk

ballerina in meditation

Ballerina in meditation, Chinese Suzhou silk embroidery painting

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