Chinese Silk Embroidery Master - Jin Jingfen

Suzhou Embroidrey Master, Jin Jingfen

Jin Jingfen

Jin Jingfen (1885-1970), famous artist of Suzhou embroidery, was apprenticed to Shen Shou. She was director of the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute in the 1950s and a delegate to the Third National People’s Congress.
She learned embroidery in childhood from Shen Shou and later accompanied her to Beijing, where she took up a teaching post under the Qing government’s Department of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. She taught embroidery at several schools in Suzhou and Nantong after 1911.

Jin’s works cover a wide range of subjects including birds and flowers, figures and landscape. She was especially outstanding in figures. He works Pines in Imitation of Ink-brush Work and Kittens at Play won awards at an international fair held in 1910 in Southeast Asia and one of her embroidered portrait won a bronze medal at the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition.

Silk embroidery artworks embroidered by embroidery Jing Jinfeng,

beautiful woman wearing flowers in her head

Silk embroidery work, Beautiful Woman Wearing Flowers in Her Hair, 40 x 50 cm, embroidered with plain stitches, by Jin Jingfen based on a Chinese traditional painting by Zhou Fang in Tang Dynasty

Qu Yuan portrait embroidered

Silk embroidery, Portrait of Qu Yuan, hand embroidered by Jin Jingfen, embroidery size 55.5 x 89 cm
Qu Yuan was a Chinese poet who lived during the Warring States Period in ancient China.

the west chamber painting embroidered

The Romance of the Western Chamber, embroidered by embroidery artist Jin Jingfen, designed by Shen Zicheng, embroidery size 68 x 50 cm
The Romance of the Western Chamer tells about the love story between Zhang Hong and Cui Yingying. Zhang Hong is an intellectual scholar from Luo Yang.One day,when he goes into an old temple,he comes across the former prime minister's daughter Cui Yingying.They fall in love at the first sight. It is of the most well-known love stories in ancient Chinese literature. This embroidery depicts the scene when they meet in the temple.

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