Double Sided Embroidery Work, Tiger and Leopard

The double sided embroidery, also known as double sides embroidery or two-faced embroidery, is a technique in which stitching takes place on both sides of a single transparent silk fabric. The design shows on both sides (front and reverse). The embroidery artists skillfully hide all the loose threads and knots. Such a piece is normally mounted on a wooden frame as a screen. One really can't tell which side is the front or the back. 

But there are some unique double sided embroideries that have two different images on both sides. The double sided embroidery below depicts a tiger on one side, and a leopard on the other side. The two embroidery pictures are hand embroidered on the same silk gauze. 

double sides embroidery tiger leopard

tiger embroidery

leopard embroidery

leopard embroidery

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