Chinese Silk Embroideries 'Moon Gate' and 'Carved Gate'

Suzhou, a cultural and historical city in east China's Jiangsu Province, is celebrated around the world for its elegant gardens. The entrance doors in the garden are often round. It's called moon gate. Focusing the landscape like the frame of a painting, the moon gate is set off by traditional white stucco walls.

chinese embroidery moon gate

Moon Gate silk embroidery painting

suzhou embroidery moon gate

Moon Gate, 100% handmade embroidery work

The wood carving of Suzhou, especially rosewood carving, which dated from the Ming Dynasty, is one of the three main schools of wood carving in China. Wood carving work can be seen everywhere in Suzhou gardens. Many doors in the garden are hand carved.

carved gate silk embroidery

detail of caved gate silk embroidery

carved windown in Suzhou garden

Carved window in Suzhou classic garden

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