Suzhou Garden Silk Embroidery Paintings

Suzhou is famous as a city of gardens in China. It tops all other cities in both the number of gardnes and the artistry of gardens. The art of gardening in Suzhou boasts a history of more than 1,500 years. There were more than 200 gardens in the city one time in history, 69 gardens still preserved in good condition now.

The early owners of Suzhou gardens built their private gardens with a desire to leave from the strife of officialdom and worldly affairs. Through building the classic gardens, they were seeking the return to the real natural world. Artificial hills, ponds, flowers, trees, pavilions, terraces, towers and halls are the basic elements to constitute a garden. The most predominant style can be found in the roof tiles of dark color, the grey bricks and the wooden pillars.
Suzhou gardens were designed and build to make people "feel the charm of mountains,forest and springs without going out of the noisy surroundings of the town" when walking in the garden. When drking some tea, doing flower arrangement or playing the classic Chinese musical instruments in the garden, one can gain the most natural inspiration in the garden. To those visitors who want to know Chinese culture, Suzhou garden is a very good channel that they can’t miss.

Suzhou local localized chronicles show that during its heyday in history, the city of Suzhou had about 200 private gardens, the largest number of gardens in a city nationwide. Distinctive characteristics can be found in Suzhou gardens in their layout, structure and style. The Four most well-known Suzhou gardens are The Surging Waves Pavilion, The Lion Grove Garden, The Humble Administrator's Garden and The Lingering Garden that represent the different styles of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the Humble Administrator’s Garden widely acknowledged as the best garden of all.

The following silk embroideries are reproduced from photos of Suzhou garden. When using Suzhou embroidery techniques to paint the Suzhou gardens with silk threads by hands, the embroidery artists in Suzhou must feel very proud that they are living in such a beautiful city that boasts classic gardens and amazing silk embroidery art. 

suzhou garden painting, hand embroidered

Top Quality silk embroidery, The Humble Administrator's Garden

hand embroidered silk garden painting

Fine Quality silk embroidery, Blue Wave Pavilion Garden

suzhou garden, hand embroidered

suzhou garden painting, silk embroidery

suzhou garden, silk art painting  

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