Silk Embroidery 'Pheasant Bird', 100% Hand Embroidered

There are many species of pheasant, many of which are 'ornamental', with brightly coloured or iridescent feathers. Species such as Golden, Lady Amherst, Reeves and Silver are fairly common in aviculture but many others are quite rare both in captivity and in the wild. All the ornamental pheasants in the UK have been captive bred and the World Pheasant Association are working hard to reintroduce some of these birds back to the wild in their country of origin within Asia.

The golden pheasant is an ornamental species native to China. The male has very beautiful striking plumage with an elegant pheasant tail.

The photos below are some pheasant silk embroideries that are 100% hand embroidered with silk threads on silk fabric,

silk embroidery pheasant painting

chinese embroidery pheasant

suzhou embroidery pheasant

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