Silk Embroidery Painting 'Seven Angels'

ZengHao, a young oil painter from Sicuan province China, is famous for his Dunghuang series oil apintings.

Zeng Hao went to Dunhuang to observe and study the grandiose Dunhuang art for his first time at the beginning of the 1990s. He was totally shocked by the splendor and profundity of Dunhuang art in the Mogao Cave and visited there a lot of times later as a pilgrim of Dunhuang. The Dunhuang art has been developed into various styles through thousands of years of creation and promotion of the Chinese artists in history. Since Zeng Hao used to study the traditional Chinese painting in his earlier age, he inherited the excellent merit of traditional art to express the spirit through material images. Zeng hao was also influenced deeply by a lot of great Europe Renaissant artists especially a French artist Gustave Doré. Gustave Doré absorbed a lot of exotic art styles into his illustration paintings for the Bible. He created his own system of expressing happiness, angriness and sadness and used this system successfully to generate some typical characteristics for the models in his work, while Zeng Hao also uses the different gestures and expressions of the characters in his painting to organize different scenes of stories. His paintings always give prominence to the spirits of the main characters to express the theme of his work more powerfully. Each Dunhuang Goddesses in his painting has her own characteristics and verves to viewers. Those works fuses the traditional art techniques and western oil paintings skills successfully and break the old boundaries of art bravely. Zeng Hao’s works are full of imaginations and vitalities.

The following silk embroidery painting is reproduced from one of his oil paintings named Seven Angels

Silk embroidery 'Seven Angels' stretched and mounted onto fabric.

The embroidery all hand embroidered with silk threads on a slate frame

Hand mbroidery paintnig in the process


close up

Embroidery finished but still on the slate frame.

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