Chinese silk embroidery lion paintings

The lion is considered as the sign of power and strength in the world. We often referring the strong people as lion hearted. Many shields awarded to the players are engraved with the figure of the lion, as a sign of strength. We can see the picture of lion on some flags also. Normally lion is considered as a powerful animal in the forest. It is also known as the “king of the jungle”, as it attacks so quickly that the victim does not get any time to protect itself. It attacks the big animals like wild buffaloes and giraffe from behind and then tears them apart with the help of its paws and teeth. Due to this quickness and power, it is known as the king of the jungle.

Lion is the king of beasts. It is a symbol of grandeur, strength and power, so in China, from ancient times it was often placed at the official residence to show the supreme authority.

The following lion paintings are all hand embroidered with fine silk threads on silk by embroidery artists in Suzhou China.


hand embroidery lion

chinese embroidery lion

suzhou embroidery lion artwork

silk thread painting lion

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