Hand Embroidery Eagle and Falcon Painting

The eagle represents Freedom.

In Chinese culture,  the eagle is a symbol of strength. An eagle shown perched in a pine-tree is a suitable gift for an old man, wishing him strength of an Eagle and longevity of a pine-tree. An eagle on a rock in the sea symbolizes a Hero who fights a lone battle.

In Chinese Fengshui, if you are concerned about your business, company or home, select a picture or figure of an eagle. Display of eagles gives confidence and growth in business. It also develops qualities of leadership like the eagle that like to fly high in the sky and are sharp witted and have very focused eyesight. You can place it at the entrance to your business or home. This charming bird will also offer great protection by keeping a watchful eye over the premises.

The following Eagle paintings are all hand embroidered with fine silk threads on silk.

silk embroidery Eagle

suzhou embroidery Eagle

thread painting Eagle

silk hand embroidered Falcon

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