Silk Embrolidery Magnolia Bloom

The magnolia was used often in Chinese art, either by itself or in combination with other plants. During ancient times, only the emperor was allowed to own magnolias. The name of magnolia pronounces Yulan in Chinese, meaning 'jade orchid'. The magnolia blossom symbolizes: a beautiful woman. Just as words have different meanings in different contexts, the meaning of painted magnolias was also fluid. Magnolia could mean "certainly" when used as the beginning of a sentiment with other symbols; acknowledge success at China's Hanlin Academy when painted along with with crab apple; and "pure and noble" when depicted with thoroughwort.

Now magnolia lovers have one more choice to to bring the beautiful colors magnolia blooms into your home. We make various silk embroidered magnolia paintings, all hand embroidered with silk threads on silk.

magnolia embroidery

magnolia embroidery

magnolia embroidery

silk embroidery magnolia

chinese embroidery magnolia

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