Silk Embroidery Painting 'Lingering Melodies from Xunyang River'

Chen Yifei's portraits include Western musicians playing modern instruments, Chinese musicians playing traditional instruments, minstrels in medieval garb, Tibetan villagers, and ballet dancers. His landscapes extend from Venice to the canals of his native Zhejiang Province.

Lingering Melodies from the Xunyang River, which depicts Chinese musicians in traditional garb, but conveys a Western "carpe diem" atmosphere. It was sold at HK$1,300,500 in 1991.

The following embroidery work was reproduced from Chen Yifei's oil painting ' Lingering Melodies from Xunyang River'. It is one of the best selling silk embroideries since our business in 2004. 

silk embroidered portrait painting

close up of embroidery

detailed picture of 'Lingering Melodies from the XunYang River'

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