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Chinese pay attention to the quality in products and will pay top dollar for it. Chinese newspapers have again and again reported the strict food processing procedures carried out in Kentucky Fried Chicken stores. Therefore, KFC ranks among the best and busiest food outlets in Shanghai. 

Chinese recognize that many of the ways foreigners do things are better than their own but they will not openly say it. Once they are exposed to such ways, they will pick them up smoothly. That is why there is the report that the overall quality level of the workers in Motorola's Tianjin Plant is even higher than in the states. Chinese say, "when you are a piece of white page, you can color it whatever way you want." 

Chinese are usually single purpose minded. If need be, they will sit all day long to split a hair into a hundred strands. When you visit a silk embroidery factory, you will see that with your own eyes. 

Chinese will not open a gift in front of the giver, but only in private. Therefore, don't insist on Chinese opening the gift in front of you or others. This way, if he doesn't like your gift, both he and you will not be embarrassed. 

A Chinese may not be offended if you pronounce his name wrong but he will feel your effort if you do try to say it right. The most frequent mistake English speaking people make is reading ANG as aen as in bang, instead of ah-n, or ong. Zhang is the number one Chinese surname, probably totaling 200 million. There are also Dangs, Fangs, Tangs, Yangs and Wangs totaling another 100 million. If you read these 4 characters wrong, you are not making 400 million people happy.

Chinese silk embroidery painting art from Suzhou

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