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Chinese don't show emotion easily. They rarely "burst into laughter". A joke that will bring down the house in the West may only get a cordial chuckle out of Chinese. But when your host one day, gives out a hearty laugh with you, you know you are getting a friend. 

Foreigners show their anger but Chinese remember the humiliation. Chinese may know more about your culture than you know about theirs. Chinese know Mickey Mouse and McDonald's but do you know Monkey King or Long Hua Chicken Don't believe in Chinese movies that win Cannes or other international movie awards. If real life is depicted in those movies, they will not win awards. And if they do win awards, there will surely be no Chinese audience. So far, there has yet to be seen, a Chinese movie transforming real life into art. 

When you go to rural areas where people see few foreigners, you will attract attention. Don't assume they think as you think. They are wondering why your eyes are blue, your nose is big and then, why you are wearing such outlandish clothing or such serious suits. They will wonder how Polaroid can give you immediate pictures. They are not wondering what it would be like if they were in your shoes. 

Chinese society gives ultimate respect to their elders. A young foreign executive will probably have to learn how to respect his older Chinese counterpart and demonstrate it in a sincere manner. Such respect will flatter the Chinese as he knows you are probably smarter than he is, yet you give him so much face. This paves the way to the contract table. 

Chinese women usually do not take key business positions but if your negotiation counterpart is a woman, do demonstrate special respect. She deserves it and she will let you know. She has to be exceptionally outstanding to make it to that position among all the men contenders. 

Children are treasured in China. They are the modern day emperors and empresses especially as most families have only one child. Proverb has it that all parents expect their sons and daughters to be "Dragons and Phoenixes" so they will glorify the family. The subject of children is the best starting point for you to get familiar with your host but don't ask in your first meeting. 

Don't ask when 12 other people are present. When you do ask about children, always start with your own kids, or your friends' kids. With kids' talk, you get to the inside of the circle.

Chinese silk embroidery painting art from Suzhou

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