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Most Chinese are not religious. They are, however, quite superstitious though they will deny this. But you don't give a clock as a gift to a Chinese because the word clock in Chinese is pronounced Zhong, the sound that applies to the meaning of "death". Four is not a lucky number, as it also sounds like "death". Eight is a good number in south China because, in local dialect, it sounds like "prosper". 

Chinese love dining and drinking. If you are working with Chinese Mongolians or some other ethnic Chinese party, drinking is almost mandatory - it is a demonstration of hospitality and sincerity and you are expected to enjoy the warmth that the 120 proof liquor will bring to your heart. If you can't drink, make up reasons beforehand--say you have doctor's order against any drinking. Tell your local Chinese translator. Usually he/she will be your best and personal protector. If you do drink some, in spite of "doctor's order", you give immense face to your host. If you really can't drink, you should still raise your cup during the toast, put the cup to your lip, making a gesture. Give a Chinese a pear and he will give you back a peach. If he doesn't have a peach readily available, he will remember it and returning you the peach will become of his life's goal. 

A Chinese friend is the best friend you can ever have in your life. The culture has it that a true friend will "put knives in both sides of his chest" when it is needed. Confucius' philosophy is that Yi, or friendship/camaraderie is higher than any other relationship. 

You must make friends with your business contacts before you can really do much business. Every toast of drink, every business transaction, are all means of enhancing this friendship. The West says it is "Guanxi" or connections, but a true relationship is more than just simple connections and it will bring you lots of Guanxi, too.

Chinese silk embroidery painting art from Suzhou

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