Chinese Population III

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Most of the ethnic people are more forthright and simpler than Hans of the east coast. Shanghainese are most famous for their shrewd calculations of every penny but no matter what their characters, if you treat them fair, they will treat you fair. 

China has one official language, Chinese. Written Chinese is the same all over the country but when spoken, it is a different story. Putonghua, or Mandarin, is the universal language understood by all educated Chinese. But there are thousands of different dialects in China. The differences in these dialects sometimes are more than two different languages. For "How Are You?", a Beijinger will say, "Ni Hao", while a Guangzhouer will say "Lei Ho". If you are especially linguistically endowed, you can always pick up a few words in dialects but do remember, never try your Shanghai dialect in front of a Beijinger in Beijing. 

China once was conquered by the Mongols but in time Mongols became Chinese; therefore, the Yuan Dynasty. China was once conquered by Manchus but in time Manchus became Chinese; therefore, the Qing Dynasty. The Jewish are famous for their resilience to other cultures' influence and for having strong bonds among themselves but you go to Kaifeng today, where once a large Jewish community existed, you will only find some Jewish physical features still remain on local people's faces. The British were the first to open the China market by gun boats in the Opium War (1840) but they didn't make a fortune selling knives and forks. Instead, more and more Westerners can handle chopsticks.

Chinese silk embroidery painting art from Suzhou

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