Ingenious Chinese Knots

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Ingenious Chinese Knots

Chinese knots are a distinctive and traditional Chinese folk handicraft. Their main characteristic is that each knot it woven from one piece of thread and named according to its shape. Good wishes and praise may be expressed through combinations of knots that culminate in auspiciously designed ornaments, often Impressively elaborate, that have rich connotations, such as the Auspicious knot, the Happiness and Longevity knot, the Double Happiness knot, and the Bon Voyage Knot.

In ancient China, knots were commonly used to adorn daily life utensils, such as sedan chairs, curtains, lanterns, bed-curtain hooks, folding fans, belts, hairpins, flower baskets, necklace pendants, sachets, pouches, spectacles boxes, and long-stemmed pipes.

Chinese knots combine classical beauty, a strong folk flavor, and cultural connotations, and express earnest hopes, as well as good wishes.

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