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Take a Close Look at Su Embroidery Paintings

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   The first response people normally have when they see our silk embroidered pictures (embroidery picture, needle painting or thread painting as some people would call) is that they don't believe they are hand embroidered. 

    Su embroidery paintings are well known for its rich colors comparable to an oil painting and realism comparable to photography. 

   To create a high quality piece, an artist needs to split a single silk thread into several thinner threads and embroider layer after layer with threads of a variety of colors to reach the final wonderful effect. One top quality silk embroidery work usually uses millions of silk threads of hundreds of different colors, taking more than one year to complete.

  For more description of Su embroidery, we strongly recommend you read the article 'A Visual Feast: Needle Painting Up Close: by Hand, with Silk', written by by Mary Corbet, an independent arts and crafts professional

 Top Quality embroidery artwork, Head of Horse

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