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"Painting with Silk", a lecture by Elizabeth K Wilson 


   On 18th November 2006,  Elizabeth K Wilson gave a lecture named “Painting with Silk” to the Montrose Branch of the Embroiderers Guild of Britain in the Columbus Hall. In her lecture, she displayed her collection of silk embroideries purchased from Su Embroidery Studio (SES). The words below are from the email she wrote to SES after the lecture.

   It has taken me five days to digest the impact my lecture had. It was an
unprecedented success. Things happened that I had never experienced in
all the lectures by others that I have attended, the moment I had
finished there was massive unprompted applause even before the vote of
thanks was given.

The lady who gave the vote of thanks said that in all the lectures she
had attended she had never spent an afternoon so completely in awe of
the sewings that had been shown and would be delighted to sit through
the whole thing all over again.

I had to answer so many questions on the sewings and where they could be
obtained from. I did make a mental note of where some of the ladies had
come from so you would be able to recognise any orders that come your
way; they came from Arbroath, Brechin, Edzell, Laurencekirk, Forfar and

I also had enquires if I could lend out the CD to allow then to view
all the sewings that are available to allow them to make a choice but as
I only have one CD this will take rather a long time. Could you send me
on another CD please? 

Here is the big surprise, I have been asked to display all my sewings at
the City of Brechin Annual Arts Festival next year. This is a big
festival of all kinds of arts and runs for two weeks and is the
highlight of the year for the City of Brechin with visitors coming from
all over Scotland to view the arts on display; I was asked if I would do
this ten minutes after I had finished my lecture. I do not yet have the
actual dates but will let you know when it is to take place as soon as I
know and of course I will make sure that the name of Su Embroidery is
clearly displayed as much as possible. This is where another CD would be

I would now like to add to my collection as I will have a hall to try
and fill and I found that at the lecture the main interest was in the
Chinese Ladies, there was talk on the European ones but the main
interest centered on the Chinese ones.

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