Chinese silk hand embroidery art from Suzhou

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Tools needed  for making Suzhou embroidery


1. Wooden stretcher

2. Chassis

3. Supporting rack

4. Scissors

5. Needle (the slimmest of needles is made of wood, invented by Zhu Tang in Ming Dynasty. Zhen is the Su needle. It is round all over, with a tip that is quite sharp.

6. Thread

The stitching procedure:

1. Pick the artwork. It can be chosen from specially painted artwork just for the embroidery or from artist's paintings, pictures. oil paintings etc.

2. Before stitching, check the painting, and decide which style of stitching to use and what texture to use as a bed.

3. Much concentration is needed to do embroidery work. A person has to be seated for a long period of time. It is the work of a skilled craftsman and artist. So the craftsman should have some artistic quality, and know some basic theory of painting. And at the same time ,the craftsman should be patient and careful, and perseverant.

4. Finished artwork. The artwork is then ironed to create a beautiful smooth finish, but the highest quality pieces need no ironing.


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