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Chinese embroidery exhibition opens in Hungary 

2005-10-08 00:42:57 XinhuaEnglish 

BUDAPEST, Oct. 7(Xinhuanet)-- A Chinese embroidery exhibition titled Threads of Light opened here Friday at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.

The exhibition, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy and the Hungarian National Museum, attracted more than 200 local people and diplomats as well as Chinese people living in Budapest on the first day.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Zhu Zushou, Chinese ambassador to Hungary, said:"Embroidery has a long history in China and was recorded 4,000 years ago."

There are varieties of single-side and double-side embroidery items on display.

According to exhibition sponsors, special methods are used in knitting instead of knotting for double-side pieces. The end of silk threads are invisible and the works are stitched on both sides and could be appreciated from both sides with the same excellent effect.

The exhibition is scheduled to conclude on Dec. 4 and will then move to Bulgaria. Enditem


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